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 You Know You are a Compost Whacko When.......
This thread came from the Soil, Compost and Mulch forum. Don't laugh too much - if you are a serious gardener these symptoms will soon be appearing in you. Enjoy. You Know You are a Compost Whacko When....... Posted by ryanzone7 profess
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       • Posted by: Pookiesmom on Sun, May 19, 02 at 1:38
              • 38 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Dec 31, 10 at 20:38
So glad to see this forum. I have been devoring the series Creating an Oasis from Greywater (How to be build, Everything your contractor needs to know about graywater, etc. ) I wish I knew more about plumbing, had more slope to my lot and that
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 experience with greywater systems?
       • Posted by: diggerdee z6 CT on Sun, Jan 28, 07 at 8:55
              • 24 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Apr 27, 10 at 16:56
Hi, I've asked this before on a forum here in the past, but I thought this new forum might be a good place to ask again. Does anyone have any experience in using a greywater system? I'd be interested in hearing what people have done, whet
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 greywater and soaps
       • Posted by: Mike_Stubbs on Thu, Jun 27, 02 at 15:15
              • 17 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Feb 25, 04 at 9:29
hi all, i am going to cut my grey water out of the septic system and let it flow to create a wetland (bog area). this will be bath, shower, and washer water. the question is what are some good soaps and shampoos to use for these applications?
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 Greywater: could I do this?
I have just finished reading Create an Oasis with Greywater by Art Ludwig. I understand the basic concepts (I think), but even the
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 Worms in a greywater system to keep a gravel filter flowing?
       • Posted by: mrgrackle on Sun, Aug 9, 09 at 20:16
              • 6 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Aug 17, 09 at 0:35
I have gravel hydroponic beds that use pond water with fish effluent as nutrient solution. After the pond water filters through the gravel hydro beds it drains back into the fish pond to be cycled through the gravel beds again. This sort of hydr
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 greywater indoors?
       • Posted by: DrynDusty on Thu, Nov 4, 04 at 14:42
              • 4 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Jan 1, 05 at 13:45
Do people use greywater indoors? I have a lot of houseplants and have thought about using spent dish water, etc. Does any one do this? Follow-Up Postings: RE: greywater indoors? Posted by: jio1 ( Return to the Southwestern G
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 Compost Crops to Avoid Pathogens in Greywater Applications
       • Posted by: connordub on Sun, Oct 25, 09 at 7:41
              • 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Nov 4, 09 at 22:09
I have recently looked into the debates over the risks of greywater use in and around the garden (such as pathogens, etc.). The Book Gaia's Garden has a few basic layouts for greywater use, such as pumping out into a mulch-basin/swale to absorb th
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 State of DE Giving Away Greywater
       • Posted by: Dicentra SE PA z6B on Wed, Aug 21, 02 at 23:09
              • 4 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Sep 5, 02 at 14:10
This is a step in the right direction...besides the state of Delaware being under mandatory water restrictions and having tip numbers to report abusers.... Delaware is also giving out greywater to nurseries, golf courses, etc..for use in watering
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 Greywater from Laundry
       • Posted by: merklemom on Wed, Jun 16, 10 at 22:56
              • 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Jun 24, 10 at 20:22
I have tried to find my answer by searching other websites and forums but no one seems to know. We are currently in the process of moving to the family farms to keep it going. My husband and I are building our house about 50 yards from a ponds t
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 plants for greywater drainage area
       • Posted by: mohub WNC zone 6 on Fri, Apr 23, 04 at 20:32
              • 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, May 7, 04 at 1:00
I live in the country and chose to reroute the drain water from my kitchen into a side yard. The grass and weeds are doing well despite the soapy water so I was wondering if I could naturalize it with plants It's on the north side of the house
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 Constructing a Greywater Wetland
       • Posted by: Eric_Burke on Mon, May 17, 04 at 1:49
              • 2 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Aug 12, 04 at 2:09
Hi all! Well, we are getting ready to start construction, and I need to get to work on our greywater wetland, so here goes. I am going to write my plan below, but if you have any ideas on how to do it better, or experiences to share, I really want
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 Greywater cleaning
       • Posted by: treeguy123 on Thu, Feb 15, 07 at 13:02
              • 1 follow-up, last one posted on Sat, Feb 17, 07 at 22:54
We have some wild (Arundinaria gigantea) and I was wondering if they could grow and clean or dry up a wet greywater area in our yard? Does bamboo take up lots of water? We have thick clay soil so our washing machine water comes up to the surface
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 Easy homemade washing machine water reuse system
       • Posted by: watergal z6/7 MD on Mon, Aug 19, 02 at 14:18
              • 31 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Sep 14, 09 at 16:18
I just rigged up a super-easy and cheap way to recapture my laundry water to keep my gardens alive until we get some rain. I got some spa hose from the hardware store - it is a stiff but slightly flexible hose - that was slightly larger inside tha
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 Grey water use without plumbing changes
We have an ongoing discussion in the soil forum about grey water use and another about air conditioner drip water. I find that the more I read the more confused I am concerning safety. I currently use an immediate use (no storage)
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 Drought and gardening?
       • Posted by: bob_b Sunset 14, Ca. on Fri, Jan 31, 14 at 15:30
              • 41 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Feb 21, 14 at 14:22
So how will the drought affect your gardening? Follow-Up Postings: RE: Drought and gardening? Posted by: Return to the California Gardening Forum | Post a Follow-Up Drought and gardening? Posted by bob_b
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 What can I put in my septic tank?
I have a toilet that has black moldy water in it. I want to fill it with ammonia, but wonder if that is going to be detrimental to my septic system? I know I can't fill it with bleach. What do you suggest? Also, is there a septic tank
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 Bathwater to water plants/trees
       • Posted by: greenrr 5a S. Ontario on Sun, Sep 8, 02 at 1:18
              • 24 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Mar 17, 14 at 1:15
Is it ok to use the water from bathwater to water plants/trees? The bubble bath has no anti-bacteria stuff in it and the soap I'm not sure. Thanks, greenrr Follow-Up Postings: RE: Bathwater to water plants/trees Posted by:
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 Grey water use?
       • Posted by: bedford8a 8a on Wed, Aug 10, 11 at 9:26
              • 14 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Jan 3, 12 at 0:14
How many of you have experience recycling your water from the shower, washer, dishwasher, etc? My area of the Metroplex is expecting to enact more water restrictions, so we began putting buckets in our showers to throw on parts of the yard the sp
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 How are you incorporating PC into your lifestyle?
       • Posted by: Sunny_Sky on Sun, May 19, 02 at 17:53
              • 17 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, Jun 30, 02 at 11:07
Hello fellow permaculturalists: Since this is a new forum, I thought that we might introduce ourselves and tell how we each use permaculture. Some are beginners, like myself, who dont know much and others of you are very educated. Perhaps we
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