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Uniboom supply a range of quality spray equipment including retractable hose reels, sprayer pumps and accessories. If you are looking for a weed sprayer, crop sprayer or boomspray, call 02 9627 5580 or visit www. uniboom. com. au to find out more.
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 Best automatic hose reel?
       • Posted by: linnea56 z5 IL on Fri, May 17, 13 at 12:05
              • 35 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, May 23, 14 at 12:22
The typical cart kind where you have to bend over and crank wont work for this spot. In my front yard we have a raised porch, with a well on the side where the faucet is. The hose reel has to rest down low where the faucet is. To crank on
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 Wheelbarrows, Hose Reels and Hoses
       • Posted by: whaas 5a SE WI on Sun, Mar 13, 11 at 22:14
              • 8 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Jun 3, 11 at 20:20
I feel like all three of these products haven't improved in many many years. Wheelbarrows: - Single wheel allows manuervability but boy its extremely difficult to navigate with heavier loads. - The front always digs into slight slopes maki
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 Hose Reels
       • Posted by: KLO1 on Fri, May 10, 02 at 23:38
              • 7 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Jan 12, 06 at 10:49
Have any of you come up with any idea for dealing with those hose reels? I have a free standing faucet (sp?) and have to have a hose reel to keep my 100 ft. hose on. For some reason the handles are so low that using them really doesn't help the ba
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 Flex-Able Hose, Pocket Hose, XHose
I'm starting a new thread on this product that was originally mentioned on the
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 I LOVE The New Hose I Got!!
       • Posted by: Sheila7863 on Tue, May 14, 02 at 9:50
              • 33 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Aug 30, 10 at 5:50
I have back problems AND balance problems, and I had many falls and owies last year from tripping over and dragging my heavy rubber hoses all over the yard. I LOVE the new hose I bought!! It is one of those coiled spiral hoses. It is probably
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 Do kink-free hoses really exist?
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 Garden Hoses
Hey All-what's everyone's feeling about their garden hoses?? I HATE mine.
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 Water hose storage
       • Posted by: hapyfrustrated on Sun, Mar 22, 09 at 0:31
              • 4 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Apr 4, 09 at 11:00
I am looking for something to wind my 100' water hose on. I have looked at those things that are designed to reel the hose into that have wheels and a handle for guiding. I have also seen the hose holders that look like planter buckets with a hole
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 Hose Reel
       • Posted by: paulaandted on Fri, Oct 16, 09 at 12:58
              • 1 follow-up, last one posted on Mon, Oct 19, 09 at 7:23
Does anyone know if a metal hose reel is made that side mounts on a wall like the plastic ones made by Suncast? I'm looking for a decorative & sturdy made one. It should be of the type where you turn a handle to wind up the hose. Follow-Up
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 Garden hose suggestions
       • Posted by: ademink z5 IN on Sat, Jul 8, 06 at 17:39
              • 22 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Apr 25, 12 at 11:40
The bane of my gardening existence is dealing with the hose. When I go to stand before Jesus, I'm quite sure he'll have to have a chat w/ me about my colorful dialogue with the great yellow and green beasts. LOL I have saved up and am going t
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 Hose guides, do you use them?
       • Posted by: prairiemoon2 zone 6a/MA on Sun, Jun 1, 14 at 10:15
              • 14 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Jun 3, 14 at 1:34
I have used hose guides for awhile but this year we have changed things around and I'm trying to find good places to put the hose guides and people have been tripping over them. I have used those low green plastic kind and I'm considering trying
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 Good, heavy duty hose reel
Hi, I am looking for an all metal 2 or 4 wheel hose reel that will hold at least 200' of 5/8
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 managing garden hoses
       • Posted by: homequaker1 on Sun, Apr 17, 05 at 20:25
              • 14 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Jun 30, 12 at 18:49
Is there a frugal and simple way of winding and unwinding garden hoses? I need to get them out of the way for mowing. I have 3 hoses linked together to reach one of my flower beds, and it is rather unweildly. Winding them up, actually, is not
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 The problem with hoses
I have a well (TG) that I use to water all of my plants, and trees but dragging long hoses around the yard breaks plants, moves stone plant rings, and wears the hoses on corners. I tried the puny 8
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 What To Do w/ Old Garden Hose?
I'm new to this forum but I am surprised that it took me so long to find it!! :) I have a pretty long garden hose that is currently in my garbage can because it's got 4 or 5
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 Magna Hose
       • Posted by: bungalow_mikee z10 CA on Wed, Dec 10, 03 at 5:47
              • 6 follow-ups, last one posted on Sun, May 20, 12 at 12:31
Has anyone used the magna hose? Is it a good quality hose? Can you wash your car with it? Follow-Up Postings: RE: Magna Hose Posted by: terran z9 CA ( My Page ) on Return to the Garden Sources Forum | Post
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 Power Reel Mower Maintenance
       • Posted by: Slater British Columbia on Fri, Mar 9, 12 at 21:26
              • 9 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Apr 5, 12 at 14:37
I am considering replacing my rotary with a power reel mower. A number of people have told me to stick with a rotary as they claim a reel mowers are a pain and come with too much maintenance. Do you reel people find this to be true? How ofte
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 Are flat hoses any good?
       • Posted by: esther_b on Mon, Apr 12, 10 at 11:30
              • 4 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Apr 30, 10 at 20:10
I live in a small co-op apartment and have little storage space. I have a small garden in front, which I keep watered with a hose. I saw some of these flat hoses which roll up on a reel and are self-wringing, which would be handy to store in my
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 Hose Extenders for hard-to reach areas.
       • Posted by: woodswalker88 6 on Fri, Jan 6, 12 at 16:07
              • 3 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Jan 7, 12 at 10:25
Hi folks, For this spring, I am going to need a hose extender of some kind. The spigot is over at the northwest end, and the new plantings are going to be waaay over at the southeast end, maybe 150 ft away. Yes I have a 100 ft hose and it won'
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