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 What plants are good nectar sources for butterflies?
This listing of plants with flowers that attract butterflies was submitted by forum members from throughout the U.S., and from many plant hardiness zones. They grew or personally observed these plants and their butterfly visitors. You should observe
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 What Can I Plant that is Deer Resistant?
What can I plant that is deer resistant? This list of deer resistant plants was compiled from Gardenweb postings and other sources. As you can see from the follow-up postings at the bottom of the list, RESISTANT is the key word. Deer can be quit
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Mid-Atlantic Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 Butterfly Scientific Name to Common Name Look-Up List
Scientific Species Names__Scientific Subfamily__Scientific Family__Common Species Names__Common Subfamily__Common Family Achalarus albociliatus__Pyrginae__Hesperiidae__Skinner's Cloudywing__Spread-wing Skippers__Skippers Achalarus casica__Pyrgina
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 Butterfly Common Name to Scientific Name Look-Up List
Common Species Name__Scientific Species Name__Common Family__Common Subfamily__Scientific Family__Scientific Subfamily Aaron's Skipper__Poanes aaroni __Skippers__Grass Skippers__Hesperiidae__Hesperiinae Acacia Skipper__Cogia hippalus __ Skippers_
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 What's Blooming Now? Garden Plant List
AUGUST***** Pennsylvania - salvias, especially red ones; black-eyed susans (though the rudbeckia goldstrum are done); chelone; zinnias; marigolds; moonflower; a few ratty-looking nasturtiums; one persistent 'Happy Returns' daylily which is happily
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Mid-Atlantic Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 Some Little-Known Plants for Fall Gardens
Thanks to ChrisMD on the MidAtlantic Gardening forum for saving this great thread mentioning a range of lesser-known plants for fall color. * Posted by david_5311 Z 5b/6a SE Mich on Fri, Sep 13, 02 at 8:39 I love fall in the garden, the aster
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Perennials Forum FAQ Directory

 Extreme Climate Winter Sowing......the HOT zones: 8, 9, and 10 (native seed list)
Salvia lyrata The list below are plants that have all been found growing and thriving in the wild of the most warmest gardening regions. Many have hybrids that have been bred from them...these hybrids gen
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Winter Sowing Forum FAQ Directory

 White flowers and plants for a Moonlight Garden in AZ
List of plants for Moonlight gardens Thanks to GCorman for compiling this list and other members of our forum for their contributions. If you can't make a nice garden out of this lot, you ain't trying very hard! Night bloomers Cereus s
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Arizona Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 Which plants will grow well in full sun in Georgia?
Suggestions for the Atlanta Area (but might work in other parts of Georgia as well) ------------------------------------------------- Annuals: Balsam -- Impatiens capensis or I. pallida Blue daze -- Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' C
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Georgia Gardener Forum FAQ Directory

 New desert yard planting information
Several members contributed to this great FAQ for people who are wanting to plant a new yard or one that has hardly any landscaping in it. Thanks to each of you for your input. Figure out what activities you want to be able to do in your yard and
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Arizona Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 Controlling White Flies
AZTREELOVER has been kind enough to compile this information. Thanks Cathy! Controlling White Flies in the Garden The adult whiteflies you see flying around are not causing the problems on your landscape plants. It's the larvae that do the fee
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Arizona Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 What are the names of some fragrant plants that I can grow as houseplants?
JimShy compiled the following information and accompanying list dealing with houseplants that are fragrant. Posted by: JimShy z7 Brooklyn, NY (My Page) on Thu, Jun 10, 04 at 12:26 Fragrant Houseplants: First, the FAQ inside the FAQ! 1.
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Fragrant Plants Forum FAQ Directory

 My Stupidest Gardening Mistake - or- We Were Once All Newbies
I stole this thread from the perennials forum. We need to remember that everyone makes mistakes. Enjoy - chrisMD. My Stupidest Garden Mistake...... Posted by NymphaeaRosa Z5/6 NJ (My Page) on Sat, Feb 9, 02 at 1:30 I'm an 'intermediate'
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Mid-Atlantic Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 Rooting Lantana?
       • Posted by: MsJacki on Sun, May 4, 03 at 7:57
              • 40 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Oct 30, 14 at 22:04
I've had success rooting many things, but not sure about Lantana. I just got several plants and I think I will really enjoy them. I've read that they can be rooted from stem cuttings. Do I root in water or should I root the same way I do mini r
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Southern Gardening Forum

 Do you grow Lantana?
My new favorite
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 So how poisonous is lantana really?
       • Posted by: julia42 Houston on Thu, Sep 16, 10 at 17:09
              • 27 follow-ups, last one posted on Fri, Nov 21, 14 at 10:13
I'm just wondering. We recently moved to a house with a really lovely lantana in the front yard. It's probably the only plant in the front yard that I like, and I would love to keep it, but I have three small boys who are, well, unpredictable.
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Texas Gardening Forum

 Sonset Lantana
       • Posted by: misssherry Z8MS on Fri, May 6, 11 at 16:20
              • 24 follow-ups, last one posted on Mon, Nov 10, 14 at 18:05
We've had discussions about various nectar plants on many threads, and recently we discussed Sonset lantana. As I recall, I said that Sonset lantana was my favorite nectar plant, because it's SO easy to grow. Well, it's blooming in profusion now
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Butterfly Garden Forum

 Lantana - Still Considered Invasive?
       • Posted by: love_the_yard z9A Jax FL on Sun, Mar 25, 12 at 10:33
              • 17 follow-ups, last one posted on Wed, Sep 25, 13 at 11:02
Is Lantana ( Lantana Camara ) still considered an invasive plant? It seems that so many people have it. I read about it on lots of Blogs as well as on this Forum. And I still see it for sale everywhere. It is in the big box stores as well as i
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Florida Gardening Forum

 Has anyone grown lantana from seed?
       • Posted by: flowersandthings MidAtlantic 6/7 on Mon, Jul 25, 05 at 1:43
              • 18 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Sep 21, 13 at 19:50
Hi I like the way certain lantana varieties look in the garden but would like to plant some enmass and don't feel like buying buckets new every year or trying to overwinter. Is it very hard to start from seed? I ask because its not as often mentio
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Growing from Seed Forum

 I Hate Lantana
       • Posted by: vegasrenie on Thu, Oct 9, 03 at 6:35
              • 17 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Apr 24, 07 at 21:01
At least that's what I think it is. A viny kind of plant with variegated purplish flowers that *look* like Lantana blooms. It stinks. Literally. I trimmed the vines back a few days ago and was taken aback by the very pungent (sp?) smell of the L
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Southwestern Gardening Forum

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