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 Alford & District Horticultural Society
A gardening club of interested members, we have a regular newsletter, a garden store where members can buy gardening requisites at discount prices, regular social events, discounted seed ordering and an annual Flower and Vegetable Show - all for 1 p
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 Hydro Turf Planters Association
The Htpa was created to educate the general public and increase the knowledge of our members in the Hydro Planting industry. Hydro Planting is a form of planting lawns from seed or sprigs to get a complete lawn at a fraction of the price of sodding.
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 Childhood Memories
This thread came from the 'Gardening With Kids' forum. Enjoy! Childhood Memories, Please! Posted by KarenfromHingham 6a MA (My Page) on Sun, Sep 23, 01 at 22:11 Why are you a gardener? Did it start in your youth? Was there anyone in partic
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 My Stupidest Gardening Mistake - or- We Were Once All Newbies
I stole this thread from the perennials forum. We need to remember that everyone makes mistakes. Enjoy - chrisMD. My Stupidest Garden Mistake...... Posted by NymphaeaRosa Z5/6 NJ (My Page) on Sat, Feb 9, 02 at 1:30 I'm an 'intermediate'
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 Saving Berry Seeds
Image by: wintersown Growing your own berries is a lot of fun. Choose to save the seeds of the best fruits in your garden, choose berries that are not only delicious but show resistance to disease and ease of care. More than likely the
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 Organic Lawn Care FAQ
How do I prepare the soil for an organic turf program? The key to a successful organic lawn program is the soil. It must be alive with wide variety of beneficial microorganisms and bugs. Beneficial microbes both feed and protect the plants from dis
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 Can I Winter Sow Hosta Seeds?
Hostas can be sown either indoors or outdoors. If the seeds are fresh they can be direct sown outdoors as soon as they're ripe and they will germinate with the next prolonged warm spell. If the seeds are stored for more than a month after th
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 What's your favorite nursery?
This list has been compiled from the thread started by Garden_Frog back in September 03. It is based on the membersrecommendations (names in italics). The list is organized by region (and Upstate New York is HUGE!!): Capital Region/Glen Falls ,
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 How do I make a concrete leaf casting?
Image by: Dena This is one of our most popular questions. The paragraphs are responses by Garden Web members. The names and Web sites were removed but the basic information remains intact. Thanks to everyone who contributed! ====
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 Misting Propagation - How to...? Where can I find...? How much...?
I've added this whole thread to the FAQ, because there is just so much useful information here aboutmist propagation. My misting bed for you newbee rooters Posted by mytrid z8b Florida (My Page) on Sun, Apr 20, 03 at 0:12 This is my misting b
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 You Know You are a Compost Whacko When.......
This thread came from the Soil, Compost and Mulch forum. Don't laugh too much - if you are a serious gardener these symptoms will soon be appearing in you. Enjoy. You Know You are a Compost Whacko When....... Posted by ryanzone7 profess
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 What to Visit in the Mid- Atlantic? Try These!
What to Visit in the Mid-Atlantic Posted by ChrisMD 7 (My Page) on Sun, Sep 15, 02 at 23:50 Hi - if you were going to visit the Mid-Atlantic - what would you think is worth the trip? Ratings: * would turn off to see it if I was already pa
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 So you want to grow a gardenia, huh? (also known as the infamous suicidal gardenia thread)
Every once in a while a thread takes a life of it's own and becomes infamous. This is one of them, preserved for posterity. Suicidal Gardenia Posted by Joan - CA-10 ) on Tue, Jul 6, 99 at 1:33 Hi y'all, Okay, second time here for this vetch
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 What do I use to fill my garden beds?
Square foot and similar intensive gardening methods require an especially rich growing medium to support the plants, and raised beds impact water retention. One thing you don't want much of is plain garden or topsoil, especially the bagged stuff ava
  Frequently Asked Question  -   Found at:   Square Foot Gardening Forum FAQ Directory

 What are some helpful books or guides about native plants?
GENERAL: Posted by: john_MO z5/6 on Thu, Jun 20, 02 'Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines' by William Cullina. He is the horticulture director of Garden in the Woods in Framingham, MA. Like his Wildflowers book, it is a wonderful resource and fills
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 Are hybrid bell pepper seeds worth the price?
Last year I ordered all open-pollinated bell pepper seeds because they are so much cheaper. It's $5-8 for a thousand seeds, as compared to $60-100+ for the hybrids. For example
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 Great price on bulk purchase small ziploc seed bags
       • Posted by: chemocurl zone 5/6 S INDIANA on Thu, Dec 3, 09 at 14:04
              • 16 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Dec 10, 09 at 11:39
for packing individual amounts. I ordered the 2X2 because that is big enough, I think and they were $5.36 per 1000 $16.07 for 3000 $ 5.40 for UPS ground shipping to my zone --------- $21.47 total That's the best price I have fo
  Forum Message  -   Found at:   Seed Exchange Forum

 Pricing - (real) new potatoes
       • Posted by: ajsmama on Wed, Jun 6, 12 at 11:49
              • 92 follow-ups, last one posted on Sat, Jul 14, 12 at 16:53
I'm thinking of selling new potatoes at market, might even have a wholesale (?) customer interested (if we can work out the handling/transportation issues - I don't want my produce to get a bad rep b/c they're bruising it). So, to start off wi
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 Has anyone ordered from Burgess Seed & Plant Co.?
       • Posted by: Gemila Z5 IA on Fri, Jan 11, 02 at 11:07
              • 69 follow-ups, last one posted on Thu, Dec 4, 14 at 18:40
I just got their catalog and for someone like me who doesn't have much money to spend, their prices sound great. In fact, they sound too good to be true. I would expect tiny plants but am wondering about their quality. Also, has anyone ordered the
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 NEW: Seeds & Stitches, March Quilt Block Swap
       • Posted by: dan_the_mailman on Tue, Feb 23, 10 at 19:19
              • 139 follow-ups, last one posted on Tue, Mar 23, 10 at 16:13
Hello, and welcome to the March Quilt Block Swap! You can still get in on Beth's swap by sending her quilt blocks by March 5th. Just look for her thread and join Return to the Round Robin Exchange Forum | Post a Follow-Up
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